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    • Someone who cant decide what they want. I call them urong-sulong type. Just go for it of you want it or leave.  One of the things i know is a wrong move on my end which ended up hurting me is trusting someone to keep a promise and then when i look back, they never really said the words "i promise".. so there was never really a promise to keep. Wrong move I assumed they promised but they never did.
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What Do You Talk About On Your First Date?

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What Do You Talk About On Your First Date?

Leonardo007 Posted 22 April 2006 - 02:15 AM

its always better if you at least have an inkling on your date's interest... kung wala... well... why not make it the topic of your conversation... you could probably try checking if your interests are the same as the other, or something like that ?

oh, and it may also help not to think too much about everything being a date... talk casually... marami namang pwedeng maging topic sa mundo diba? kung wala talaga, try doing something which would not require you to talk much... like watching movies or watching live band performances...

what ever the case, always remember to keep your ears open. hindi lang ikaw ang gustong magpakilala ?

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DaChosen1 Posted 21 April 2006 - 01:41 PM

Blind Date
- I may have a few scripted plans for different scenarios. However, I usually let it fly spontaneously and be myself. So far, none of my blind dates ended on that one date.
- Try to fish for something to talk about. I ask questions and just listen. My biggest assets---I'm a listener, I keep eye contact at all times, and smile a little bit but not too much.
- If I can feel that the date will be the first and last because we do not click at all, we may not talk much about anything. 

First date with someone I kind of know:
- Same tactics as above though much relaxed. Friendship is my first goal; get to know the girl more beyond what I already know. Hobbies, families, about their friends, and most of all about themselves are always excellent topics. I make sure the girl feels at ease with me and sense that I’m interested in really knowing about her. 

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