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Women or Men To Avoid

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Thread started by russel33 on 24 April 2003 - 01:11 PM

Stay away from feminists. She will likely disagree with you on everything, and refuse to let you get a word in.

Overly opinionated and vocal women
Avoid women that are overly assertive with their ideas and feelings. It's nice when your woman speaks her mind and lets you know what she wants, but if she keeps pounding it into your head, it will eventually get on your nerve.

Women who use sex as a weapon
The worst. They use lovemaking as a bargaining tool.


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Avoid the superior types (men or women). They will always make you feel inadequate. No matter what you do it will never be enough for them. Even if you did beat them in a certain issue they will always find a way to change the rules. A good person will give you chance to win fights. I hope I made sense.

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Men to avoid:

Married ones.

Unemployed for a long time (tells you they don't care about looking for a job)

Thinks about [insert adult content here] most of the time.




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Men with huge egos. Men who think that a woman's place is in the kitchen or bedroom. Someone who thinks he's the master and should be waited on hand and foot.

Someone who says "pera lang yan, kaya kitain uli" and says "babawi ako next time". These men don't have ambition and drive. These are also the men who will keep on disappointing you until you let them go.

For both men and women, gold diggers. Don't be fooled by a pretty face who makes you feel special. Sometimes, that's just a way for them to milk you for your money.  If they treat you the same way even without you showering gifts on them, then that may mean they are sincere. 

If someone (a man or a woman) calls you "love", "honey" or any variations thereof, that doesn't mean they love you.  Assess the situation. Don't be a fool. 

Or maybe I'm just cynical.. or maybe I'm speaking from experiences of friends who have been duped by a pretty face or a curvy body or rock solid abs.

Speaking from personal experience, I was once duped by someone who was super sweet from the start that when things started going bad, i justified staying with him with "he was a good bf when we started" excuse. 

Again, sometimes it is just their job to make you feel special so that they can milk money off of you. 

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