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Your Dream - Post Here For Record Purposes

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I just started to nap since ive only had a few hours of sleep last night. Immediately the dream started. Im sure i have seen a movie with a similar premise. In this dream, i am not an active participant. It is as if im watching a movie. There were a group of folks running around the hospital being chased by various monsters and ghosts.  The first one was a ghost with a bloody hospital robe. You will die when he touches you and end up with bloody clothes like him.

So this group ran and ran and got in an elevator. For now they are saved. But when the elevator went up and stopped at a certain floor.. they were greeted by a monster that stabbed them.

The next scene. It was as if the monsters noticed the audience and faced the camera. This monster smiled and reached out hand. It was beckoning.. and i reached for its hands  knowing i will be devoured. 

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Woke up from a nightmare. I dont remember everything. But im the dream, there is a guy who is supposedly a bad guy and i was tailing him for some reason. Got into an accident and when i got home, my nephew said he lost his dad.. but in the dream his dad is some random guy i dont know. I dont know why im scared but i woke up with a feeling of fear

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Another weird and vivid dream thay i dont want to forget but i will


It started with me working and the internet went down. So i took my laptop and a makeshift table, went up a post and hooked myself up directly sa cable internet and started working. Not minding the uncomfortable position or that im physically defying the laws of physics 

Then i heard someone call my name, i looked down(because im still propped up in a post) and it was my ex. My first bf actually.

I went down the post and we talked and i asked him if he has internet. He did and so we went to his house. After that, he took me back to my house and we rekindled our relationship.

For some reason, he and i attended this party where couples need to ask each other 5 very personal questions. Next scene was apparently, we are now living together but we were fighting because i never asked him to go to any comic cons.. and i told him it is because ive never attended one and he changed into this drag queen and he said if you love me, we'll go to the comic con in LA because lady gaga is going to be there. 

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