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What is Your Health Secret?

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Understanding of

Raw Paleo Diets https://www.rawpaleodietforum.com/

Paleo Diet

Anti-Parasitics: Dewormers

Anti-Fungals / Anti-Mold: supplements, procedures, food

Cleanses: Coffee Enemas, Liver Flushes, Kidney Cleanses, etc.

Fastings: Diluted Orange Juice, Coconut, Water, etc.

Special supplements and special herbal formulas

Various Probiotics!  Plenty of Probiotics!





Electromagnetic healing devices

I cure cancers and viruses for free for more than 10 years.

No drugs

No vaccines

No junk foods

No medical doctors

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actually now im on diet only coffee morning ang more water with lemon and chia mint enough for me.

Sleep atleast 8hrs.
I never Dont drink hard liquor. Except wine but occasionally only.

drink more water (put some fresh mint,chia and lemon)
Almost 6years i never drink soda.

also better eat some nuts or dark chocolat. 
Eat grains,veggies and fish and White meat! 


ayaw ko mag malinis but if im stress:

steaK, seafood enougn for me! 





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