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  1. always need to have alone time

    to get a goodnight rest.😄

  2. yummy dinner yay! 
    by me 😘

  3. whats the vaccine in makati?

    (asking for a friend)

    1. Storm Trooper

      Storm Trooper

      From what I know, Makati uses a system that randomly chooses for the recipient the brand of the Covid 19 vaccine.  The recipient has the option of asking for the brand of the vaccine prior to be jabbed.

  4. i dont let him, esp i dont allow him to touch my phone and my photos hahaha i dont borrow his phone also..… Not my thing
  5. atlast got a new yaya.

    i can watch netflix now

    1. Mr Fire

      Mr Fire

      How about new driver? Hire me... I can pay Monthly for you to hire me 🙂

    2. Error


      Hahaha thanks

    3. Mr Fire

      Mr Fire

      Hired na ba ako? haha

  6. pampering time❤️

    1. Mr Fire

      Mr Fire

      can i join



    vent:Im freaken in body pain☺️

  8. i miss my blind masseuse, 

    1. Mr Fire

      Mr Fire

      I'm not blind (no offense), but I can be your masseuse


  9. Today is a good, beach day🌊


  10. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. commercial space  for lease , please lemme know.

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