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  1. and I won't name drop don't worry


  2. Thanks last night, I was really drunk and I'm so helpless in your arm (literal na tulog lang promise) haha

  3. I'm not Pogi nor Gwapo...

    I'm sure matino akong tao

  4. 14 hours of sleep, still I'm super sleepy, what wrong with me

    Am I lazy?

    1. SiLvErClAw


      no sir, you are just that tired, mentally


    2. Mr Fire

      Mr Fire

      enlighten me? 🙂

  5. My day is so bad, I'm not an animal lover but those freaking "F" youngsters/bystanders are doing some animal cruelty.. they toss this helpless cat inside a manhole

  6. Tomorrow is Tuesday..

    It's a second Monday... 

  7. I feel so good today, I feel like a PIMP haha.. just kiddin'

  8. Why my ex-wife still complaining about EVERYTHING

    1. Nightwriter


      It's called 'Buyer's Remorse".  Your ex must be disappointed that the dating scene is not what she expected and men are more interested in dating with women much younger than she is. She must have regretted leaving a guy like you. She thought she could have done better. LOL. 

      Are you still talking to her? And if you wanna make her suffer? 

      Set Boundaries : Don't talk to her for awhile. Like AWHILE! And she'd be miserable.

      Tried and Tested, 100% Customer satisfaction. 

      Right On Nbc GIF by Superstore

    2. Mr Fire

      Mr Fire

      not exactly, the epic thing is, She compare me to her dates, but in a good way

      she complaint about this guy she dates

      haha I think she's missing me haha

      I'm not talking to her, nor reply to any messages she sent

      I dont want her to suffer, I just want a peace of mind

    3. Nightwriter


      @Mr Fire You’ve handled this very well! Like a gentleman.

      Marvel Studios Reaction GIF by Disney+

  9. If you don't remember it




    it didn't happen 

  10. (me and my niece talking) 

    niece: Tito, what's "abortion"?

    Me: you don't have to ask that baby, ang mahalaga buhay ka..

    (sobra sama tingin ng kuya ko sakin) hahaha

    1. Nightwriter


      Condoms prevents minivans, I'd say! 


  11. I'm not trying to be the best in everything but I want to be the best dad for my son 

    1. Nightwriter


      @Mr Fire Aren't we all? My heart goes out to you. 

  12. when me and my ex-wife said 

    "I DO"

    and we haven't agreed on a single thing


  13. this google map said "turn left".... hahaha In the middle of the bridge

  14. Why do married folks begin to look like one another?

    1. Nightwriter


      @Mr Fire Similar activities, similar clothes, I guess! 

    2. Mr Fire

      Mr Fire

      pwede pero depende... i guess

  15. Do you feel like you've lived this same day many times before? 

  16. I'm so annoyed, since morning I'm hearing backstreet boys songs now it's stuck in my head "I want it that way" epicccc

    1. Nightwriter


      🎶Tell me why
      Ain't nothin' but a heartache
      Tell me why
      Ain't nothin' but a mistake
      Tell me why
      I never wanna hear you say
      I want it that way🎶

      backstreet boys GIF

  17. would you rather..


    a) Have your favorite song stuck in you head forever


    b) Always dream the same thing at night



    1. Nightwriter


      @Mr Fire I'd rather be stuck with you in MY DREAMS 😚

      season 7 cooking GIF by MasterChef Junior

  18. I thought I could handle everything... well I did.. 🙂 

  19. another childhood stupidity..

    when I was young (Dumb and stupid), I always eat watermelons and most of the time I swallow seeds, I really thought watermelon seeds will eventually grow inside of me...

    meanwhile, I was thinking and wishing they would produce a seedless watermelons... 

    1. Nightwriter


      Have you swallowed gum when you were a kid? 

  20. seeing POGS and NBA cards reminds me of my childhood. good vibes

  21. I have no plans to have two Ex-wives

    1. IyahBautista


      How about 3 ex wives? 🤭🤭🤭 

  22. Only in manila, you stop, hazard light on.. now it's parked.. basic..

  23. It's true, the leftover dinner is the breakfast tomorrow, you just add the eggs

  24. I'm so lazy... I'm so lazy... I'm so lazy... I'm so lazy... I'm so lazy... I'm so lazy... 

    (any beat will do) while driving

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