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Status Updates posted by Sofia

  1. Stressed. I need sugar and carbs. But im sticking with this diet. 

  2. I wonder if anybody is still up here 

  3. On my 5th day of low cal diet. Lost 1.1kgs. buti na lang i lost something. I was about to give up na because im always hungry. 

  4. Ang sad ng 1200cal/day diet.

  5. Craving for ice cream....

  6. Im hungry.. like i cant stop eating since the weekend. 

  7. Well Monday again... back to the daily grind. 

  8. Taste testing different coffee blends for my soon to be later launched coffee business. Now on my 2nd cup.

  9. Still cant focus on work. Its been like this for a week now. I need to get grounded...

  10. Cant focus on work. Anybody who can chat?

  11. Gusto ko pumunta ng Baguio.. sino kaya pwede isama "as a friend"

  12. Woke up, organized my workstation, cleaned my room,  reorganized my closet, changed the bed sheets, took a shower. I had a good day. Now im having chamomile tea while air drying my hair and getting ready for bed. Good day. 

  13. How am i gonna eat this???


  14. Is it odd that i want to be wrapped in someone's arms, snuggle close to him and sleep, yet i dont feel anything romantic nor sexual towards him? 

  15. Im so happy it is Friday. Im tired this week and all i want to do is sleep.

  16. Well i thought im done for the day but i guess there's still more work to be done. I need chocolates

  17. Starting an online business... For a niche market. Kikita ba ko? Hopefully.

  18. Despite no longer being friends or part of each other's lives, I still hope you are okay. I worry about your physical and mental well being. Please be ok, always.

  19. Naghahanap ng lambing. So pathetic when im this sick. I wish i have someone who would send me flowers and food to make me feel better. I also need hugs and massage. Oh well... 

  20. Sick from the second dose .. i need some hugs

    1. Nairobi


      Ohh gaaadd how many days of sickness

  21. Insomnia strikes again

  22. Monday blues. Lazy. Trying to get in the groove. Lots of work to finish. 

  23. Jiraiya's death still gives me the feels.. or maybe my saturday mornings will be like this..crying over anime deaths

  24. Another long night...




  25. I need someone to take me away from here. Anywhere but here. 

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