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  1. Staying away from Stars for a bit. Nobody posts here anyway. For those who matter, you have my number. 

    Im always on edge, thinking if it is the end.

    So i'll refocus on myself. Move on. Meet people and allow myself to be with someone who wants to be with me in return. 

    Thank you Stars. Thank you to the friends i've made. Call or text me. 

    To the enemies ive made, may you burn in hell.

    To the one who held my heart, im taking it back. I wish you luck. 

    1. Nightwriter


      I hope you’ll be fine. 

  2. Someone online just asked me to marry them. And I dont even know them. hahaha. What is happening to the world?!?

  3. First night back home and im woke up from a nightmare

  4. I have a bad feeling... Historical data shows the same behavioral patterns. 

  5. Im supposed to be relaxing but part of me wants to open my laptop and work. 

  6. Woke up at 130am. Now i cant sleep. I really just want to have 8 hours of sleep. Im averaging 2-4 hours of sleep daily. Sigh. 

  7. Good news!! My new laptop is getting delivered tomorrow!!! 

  8. Excited for this weekend's staycation. 🙂 I'll finally get to go out. 

  9. I want to go out, get a massage and shop. 

  10. What a frustrating night

  11. Here's a dilemna. I want to go out, but i dont like going out alone. So i guess i'll just stay home. 

  12. Living for my new eyeglasses. First, i feel really cute with it on and second, i can finally read again. I do need a 2nd pair of eyeglasses

  13. The weird dreams are back. This time, i was a reality tv participant. We had a group task. Sang "How do I live" and yodel after. 

    We won the challenge but apparently i have imaginary bashers. 

  14. I want to go out!!!! 

  15. That self-destructive mode when you need to be surrounded with people yet you push away everyone. 

    1. handsomebob


      maybe those person are not worthy of you.....just my 2 cents

  16. I should be grieving. Instead, i feel relieved. There is no time to feel sad. Maybe when everything has been taken care of, the sadness will sink in. 

  17. Need to learn how to make low cal desserts naman. 

  18. Started chatting with someone over a dating app. He thinks im such a great catch. Then he asked me, "You are smart, and funny. You like sports, you like gaming. You are independent. You got your shit figured out. How come such a great girl like you remained single for this long?"

    When i was in my 20s, i would answer Im career-focused and men will still pursue 

    Now, i just answered him, "Maybe because Im fat". 

    He asked,"How fat?" 

    I answered, "like xxl fat".

    Within a few minutes, ive been unmatched.

    Now, im on a diet. Been doing this for 3 weeks now. Not on a diet to get guys though. On a diet because i want to wear a crop top shirt again. 

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    2. HwylFawr


      At my age, i dont expect anyone. And yes, ive tried dating "internationally".  

    3. handsomebob


      any update to this Miss Sofia??

    4. HwylFawr


      @handsomebob what kind of update are you waiting for? Well i lost 4kgs. But mcdonalds just released their coke cups. That is tradition! So let's say the last two days have been cheat days. 

  19. Wala na namang tulog...being overworked. Hahahaha but im enjoying it somehow

  20. Stressed. I need sugar and carbs. But im sticking with this diet. 

  21. I wonder if anybody is still up here 

  22. On my 5th day of low cal diet. Lost 1.1kgs. buti na lang i lost something. I was about to give up na because im always hungry. 

  23. Ang sad ng 1200cal/day diet.

  24. Craving for ice cream....

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