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About this blog

The Blogs/Vlogs/ Videos are brought to you by the letter M for Manila Stars, the Premier Forum for Global Pinoys and the letter N for the Night Writer. My thoughts and Opinions are mine alone and does not reflect Manila Stars in any other way. 




Entries in this blog

Weird Neighbors and Zombie Teenagers

One fine Saturday afternoon, Dot took Birdie out for a an hour’s walk when a middle aged couple were walking at the opposite direction. They waved at her and said  “ Hi, Come here, we want to talk to you”. So Dot walked across the street to meet them and they had a light conversation with her. “What’s your name?” they asked. “My name is Dot and this is my dog Birdie”, She replied curtly and shyly while Birdie kept tugging his leash. “I’m Ben and this my wife Jerry, is it okay if w

A Little Bit About Myself

People would be surprised to know that I used to work in the smut industry – I write ‘soft core” stories. I can’t say the word because this site is a wholesome one. Let’s just say that includes endless nights of ‘forced asthma reflexes’and kegel exercises what not! Presently I’m living in the United States with my daughter. Her name is Dot and she’s 14 years old. I have a dog named Birdie. He’s a one year old spaniel. We live in a 100 year old farmhouse in the Midwest. I wasn’t joking when
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